A Dulcimer Is...
A Bagpipe with Strings...Really.

The dulcimer as created by Scottish settlers - by some accounts.  It really sounds and behaves like a bagpipe.
A dulcimer has four (or three strings.) The bass string is the deepest tone, then there's the middle string and finally...the melody string.

A bagpipe has multiple pipes - and only one pipe - called the chanter - that makes the notes.

That's where a dulcimer is a bagpipe with strings.
When you play a bagpipe...you play one pipe...and the rest drone in the background.  Only one note changes - the rest remain the same.

With a dulcimer - in traditional playing - you play one string (the melody string) - and the others drone in the background.  One note changes...the others remain the same.

And that's why a dulcimer can be so easy to play...as long as it's in tune...just play one string...and you make music....on a bagpipe with strings

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