Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering - IV

July 13 and 14 2018

Willow Street, Pennsylvania - Just South of Lancaster

Where Will We Gather?

Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

1730 Hans Herr Drive

Willow Street, Pennsylvania

What is the Gathering....

Just 7 of the finest performers and instructors of the mountain and hammer dulcimers...

125 or so of people who love the spirit of the instrument, the music and the sheer fun of gathering together...to play and learn.

Up to 49 workshops to choose from.

Great food.


Plenty of space to learn in each class room.

Pennsylvania Dutch Hospitality.

Jam session and more.

Yes....We Are Preparing for Next Year

Save The Date....

Spend the Day with:

Aubrey Atwater amd Elwood Donnelly

Bing Futch

Butch Ross

Dave Haas....

And More